What Makes an Awesome Careers Page

Without a great careers page website design, you’re unlikely to attract interest from top talent in your industry. We took a look at some of our favorite career pages out there and breakdown what makes a careers page stand out and generate real interest from candidates. 


What Makes Your Company Unique… From An Employer’s Perspective

More than simply listing what your company does and who you are, you need to provide unique differentiators that separate you from the pack, from the perspective of your team members.

SkyView Advisors does an excellent job of listing their unique selling points in joining their team and even compares their differences to traditional companies in their industry. 

Example: SkyView Advisors


Be Transparent About Your Work Policy

In today’s era, potential employees are shopping companies based on their preference for remote or hybrid styles. If you have a company work-life policy, you should be transparent about it before a new employee joins the team. 

Spotify is a remote company, allowing employees to work where they work best, wherever that may be. If that sounds like your company, shout it to the world and let them know that. 

Example: Spotify


Simplify Your Hiring Process

Not only should a candidate know your work policy right away when viewing your careers page, but they should know exactly what steps they need to take to work there. Be as transparent as possible and don’t waste anyone’s time. You should want to hire people who are good at what they do, but just as important, a good match for the company.

A great example of this is again, Spotify, where they break down their hiring process in 3 simple steps — Apply, Interview, Decision. You can click to learn more about each step in the process. This is a great tool for qualifying candidates without having to waste the hiring manager’s time. A win-win for both the candidate and the company.

Example: Spotify


Introduce the Team

It’s human nature to want to know more about the people you will work with on the job. Introducing team members from various departments is a great way to share company culture and diversity/inclusion of your company without listing it in a boring way. Bonus points if you can gather employer testimonials as video or soundbites like Gusto does.

Example: Gusto



Sounds like a no-brainer, but there’s not many companies out there that list FAQs a prospective employee may ask. Basically, a section to reinforce everything already listed on the page  — your work policy, the process, next steps, etc. If possible, ask your current team for some suggestions. What were some main objectives they faced during their hiring process?

Example: Booking.com & Spotify


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