The Essential Features Your CRE Website Needs

Your commercial real estate brokerage website is more than just a first impression for potential investors — it’s the most important part of your online marketing foundation. Your firm’s website should be simple to browse, effective at capturing leads and efficient for your sales/operations team to manage.

Here’s a few features we recommend commercial real estate brokerages include on their website:

1. Property Listings

Most commercial real estate companies treat their website like a static brochure — they don’t showcase real-time properties & provide opportunities for organic leads to inquire about sales opportunities. The main reason users are on your brokerage website is to view your property listings – make it simple for them to do so!

By optimizing your property listings page to include filtering by Year, MSA, State, Units, and/or NRSF, you’re providing the tools necessary for investors to fine-tune their search and qualify themselves without any effort. 

When clicking through to the individual property landing page, the layout should be succinct and usable. The page should allow potential clients to view photos, call for offer dates, highlights, and locations.

2. Automated Sales Workflow for Viewing Offering Memorandums

Most commercial real estate company websites don’t allow potential investors to view Offering Memorandums & Financial Documents directly on their website, or capture leads before downloading these documents. Therefore, these companies are missing out on providing an exceptional user experience for potential investors & collecting their contact information.

In order for potential investors to view the Property Offering Memorandum and/or Financials, we recommend having some sort of restricted content / email capture in place. You can retain more of your website visitors and also provide a better browsing experience by restricting this content until the prospective investor registers and submits their accurate contact information. 

Once logged in, users can view Financials/OM by signing a non-disclosure agreement. This one-time login will allow your brokerage to be more effective and creative with your customers by doing things like “User Favorite Properties”, or Automated NDA to PDF email confirmations.

3. CRM Integration

If you are not using a CRM for sales management, you should set one up today. For those brokerages using a CRM, your website should integrate directly with your CRM. It is a huge advantage for your sales team to connect website forms to your CRM.

Salesforce, ReThink, Pardot, and Hubspot can all be integrated to your website form in many different ways. These integrations will help automate leads directly to your internal sales team improving efficiency and quality.

4. Call for Offer Timer & Calendar

Create a call for offers calendar directly on your property listing page or somewhere prominent on your website. On individual property listing pages, create a call for offer timer countdown to increase “FOMO”, or encourage investors to inquire today. 

commercial real estate broker website template by Brick & Monitor

5. Case Studies (Closed Deals)

Boost your reputation and show-off your closed deals on a dedicated page. Your recent transactions should be proudly displayed on your website. We recommend having a “Done Deals”, “Case Studies”, or “Recent Transactions” page, with your closed property listings that are clickable into a landing page.

Within the individual closed deal landing page, you should list the same information that was on the initial listing, but potentially consider including the deal highlights  or a paragraph about what made that offering unique. 

Having the individual page allows you to link directly to this Case Study on social media and Press Releases – Yes, you can send your closed deals to certain PR outlets for link building efforts.


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