Google Ads Management for Nonprofits.

We help nonprofits make an impact with their Google Ad Grants with full-service strategy, content & campaign management.

Spend Up To $10,000 Every Month.

Did you know that as an eligible nonprofit, you have access up to $10,000/month in free advertising on Google Search. This can be a HUGE advantage to reach thousands of potential donors in your area. Have you applied yet?

How We Help

Full-Service Google Ads Management

Research & Strategy.

Our team will develop customized ad campaigns for all your services, programs, and areas of focus. This includes selecting targeted keywords, crafting compelling ad copy for search results, and ongoing testing to optimize performance. With us, achieving your objectives through Ad Grant Management has never been easier.

Improve Fundraising & Grow Awareness.

With optimized and dedicated landing page development, we can help you convert more traffic into donations to improve your fundraising goals.

All-inclusive Creative & Analytics.

We will monitor and manage these ads, spending the total amount of your Grant award each month — completely stress-free. You will be able to see all of the optimization work we are performing within your accounts and will have access to live dashboard reporting and monthly check-ins with your Grant Manager. All-inclusive for a fixed percentage fee of your total advertising spend.

How it Works:
Our simple four step process.

1. Onboarding

Start by filling out the form above. We will then need access to your Ads account and will set everything up and get started with research/strategy.

2. Strategy

We use your goals to create a strategy for monthly management based on keyword research and targeting.

3. Creative

We create landing page(s) to optimize goals and conversions based on user intent and then create Google Ad campaigns to drive traffic to these pages.

4. Monitor

We install tracking and analytics to regularly monitor conversions and optimize to maintain monthly compliance.


The Little Details

You must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit to apply for a grant of up to $10,000 advertising dollars per month, which must be spent on Google Ads. Google Ads Grant applications can take up to 3 weeks to be approved.

Here’s a step by step guide.

We charge a 15% fee per month of your monthly budget.

Ex – if you spend $10,000/month, we charge $1,500/month.

Google Ads Grant applications can take up to 3 weeks to be approved. After that, it takes us only few days to set up the campaign and get started with initial research. The process looks like this:

– Define objectives: Week 1
– Keyword research & targeting: Week 2
– Create landing pages or modify existing web pages: Week 2-3
– Google Ad creation: Week 3 (takes up to 7 days for ads to be approved)
– Monitoring & monthly reporting (ongoing)

We plan, create and monitor your Google Ads. This means we conduct research, create effective landing pages, build campaigns and monitor/optimize based on results. This includes a combinations of the following services that factor into our monthly management fee:

– Keyword Research
– Content Creation
– Landing Page Web Design & Development
– Google Ad Creation & Management
– Analytics & Monitoring

Yes. We offer ongoing hosting & support retainers, with pricing dependent upon the service and availability needed.

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We have a deep understanding of the tools, procedures, and processes necessary to enhance your website and increase online donations. By partnering with us, you can expect to see a significant improvement in your online fundraising efforts.

Above all, we care deeply about the work we do and the clients we work with. We promise to deliver the highest of quality work no matter the size of your project.

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We specialize in nonprofit / advocacy groups and have specialized, custom packages exclusively for you.

We know the tools, procedures and processes to improve your sales efficiency online and help you rank better to grow your presence.

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We are a lean and focused digital agency, dedicated to providing personalized services to nonprofit clients at fair prices. Our size enables us to maintain transparency in pricing and deliver measurable results, helping our clients achieve their goals.

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