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How we helped a CRE Brokerage develop a smarter website


SkyView Advisors retained Brick & Monitor to redesign and develop their new real estate brokerage company website. Their vision was a luxury, mobile-first website with automated property listings via Salesforce. We brought this connection to life and simplified their sales and marketing team’s pipelines.


We worked with SkyView Advisors to design, develop, launch and support their new real estate brokerage website.


We provided inspiration sources and a mood board to guide our full-service website design.


Advanced functionality such as user login, property search, restricted content and NDA to auto-generated PDF was custom developed.


We setup Salesforce CRM integrations between their property pipelines to automate listings between available and closed deals.


We’ve partnered with their team for all-inclusive hosting, support and website management.

Advanced Property Search

The Available Properties page offers a “Call for Offers” calendar to provide a quick call-to-action for users to take the next step.

Users can filter properties by year, MSA, state, units, and NRSF, or search directly by name. 

User Login & NDA Restricted Content

We setup user login and restricted content to view Property Financials or Property Offering Memorandums. 

Once logged in, users can view Financials/OM by signing a disclosure agreement. Users can also save properties to their “Favorites” tab.

NDA and Auto-PDF Generator

To view Property Financials and/or Property Offering Memorandum, users must be logged-in & fill out a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Once the NDA is signed, it will auto-generate a filled & signed PDF for the user and brokerage. 

Property Pages

The property pages were designed to be succinct and usable. Without more than 1 click, a user can view propety photos, call for offer dates, highlights, and location. For more info, you can login to view restricted information or contact the brokerage.

Each form is connected to Salesforce to automate leads directly to the sales team.

CRM Integrations & Automations

We integrated the client’s Salesforce CRM and setup 10+ automation workflows to manage properties and leads more efficiently.

When a property is moved into a certain stage within their Deal Pipeline, it will auto create a listing page on the website and appear within available properties. 

After closing, the listing will be removed and placed into Done Deals. 

These workflows are extremely beneficial for their growing sales team to save time and reduce overhead with managing properties.

Client Testimonial

Brick & Monitor is easily the best vendor I've ever worked with. They are extremely responsive, professional, and the end product is a chef's kiss! What really set Brick & Monitor apart is their understanding of the website's back end, making it easy to use, and most importantly, adding a slew of automations that have completely changed our workflows to create a better product for our clients. Brick & Monitor is money well spent!

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