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We are a creative agency for clients that want to scale quickly,
improve sales efficiency, and generate more revenue.

What We Do
What We Do

We design & build custom websites.

Built for scale and assembled right, our custom website solutions provide a digital marketing foundation to attract and grow leads. We also create your brand and help with custom copywriting to tell your story.

We write specialized, SEO-ready content.

We’ll craft a custom sitemap built to drive leads towards the right pages & create custom headlines & copywriting specialized for your specific audience.

We partner with you for ongoing success.

We don’t disappear into thin air after launching your new website. We’re your partners for ongoing success and offer ongoing support, hosting and management to make sure anything you need tech-wise is covered.

Why Brick & Monitor?

Our Advantage

Luxury Design.

We get it. There’s tons of companies out there who can build you a cookie-cutter website & offer you repurposed “marketing”. We pride ourselves on a breakthrough design process to deliver an exceptional website product.

Our team is part of your team — a partnership that is built on our word & our values. We’re open & honest people who will admit our mistakes & always do the right thing.


Most companies are going to copy & paste content from other clients directly into your websites & campaigns. This will be flagged by Google & search engines resulting in your rankings to fall.

Don’t let that happen to your business. We have an in-house content team that writes specifically to your website, it’s brand, audience & specialities helping you rank better & provide higher-value content to search engines.

Speed kills.

We create fast websites faster than other agencies.

Our websites load fast on all devices and offer a true competitive advantage for you against others.

Because we only work with select clients, our process is more refined and we can move a lot faster than other agencies, allowing us to deliver a creative product that really shines. 

Recent Work

Award-winning Website Development


The Details You Really Care About

How long will a project take?

We’re more selective with who we work with & never take on more than we can handle.

Because of that, we can move a lot faster than other agencies & still deliver a creative product that really shines. 

Ultimately, the timeline will depend upon your scope of work. We’ll create a project schedule that works for your timeline. If you need something faster, let us know & we’ll try to accommodate, so long as it doesn’t mean sacrificing quality of the product. However, we think you’ll find we move a lot faster than most!

What will it cost?

We charge a flexible, project fee to design, build & launch your website. Because all of our projects are custom, the price depends on your specific scope of work.

After website launch, we offer an unlimited support & hosting plan to ensure the product we create is top-notch and fine-tuned. It is completely optional & is paid monthly. 

Regardless, you will own your website. You will own your domain. You will own your content & assets we create. You will own everything.

How will we communicate?

We start with a client kick-off to understand expectations and timeline and move pretty quickly from there.

You’ll have direct contact with your account manager and key creatives as necessary. We prefer to communicate on a weekly basis, but are flexible as needed.

Don’t worry, we don’t disappear after launching your site.  We’re here to help work with you on a flexible, long-term partnership to manage and support your website and digital content needs.

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